‘Trioer’ is an audio- visual installation and live performance where customised 16mm-film projectors and electroacoustic instruments are weaved together in an intricate, yet intuitive system where audio triggers image and vice versa. The projectors are equipped with a modified printer system, simultaneously painting on the film while projecting it on the wall(s). Analog electroacoustic music crosses paths with rhythmically shifting drone-techno, framed by engaging and ever-evolving visuals.

Music by Stephan Meidell, film by Blank Blank.

Supported by Arts Council Norway, Nordic Culture Fund, The Norwegian Composers Fund, City Of Bergen, BEK.


Trioer is

nødutgang stephan meidell

Stephan Meidell (NO) — Music / performance.Guitarist and composer based in Bergen, Norway. Has written several commissions, released 15 records and toured extensively through Europe, USA, Mexico and Japan. Meidell focuses on genre-independent music drifting between composition and improvisation, with a knack for progressive sound design.


nødutgang petri henriksson

Petri Henriksson (FI) — Visual content / Design.Graphic designer and Film maker from Finland, based in Berlin. A Founding member of  Blank Blank Grafikk and Blank Blank Film. He has worked as designer mainly in the field of contemporary art and music and produced wide range of film experiments in collaboration with Carlos Vasquez.


nødutgang carlos vasquez

Carlos Vasquez (CO) — Film technics / programming. Cinematographer and film maker from Colombia, based in Berlin. A Founding member of Blank Blank Film.


nødutgang søren andreasen

Søren Andreasen (DK) — Technical facilitation / programming. Sound artist and programmer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a strong passion for creation and design in the audio realm, Andreasen is producing sound and music, programming and building art installations and writing software for various audio related needs.